New website for the Dutch society in Finland

I have designed and created a complete new website for the Dutch society in Finland, Nederlandse Vereniging in Finland (NViF)

The website is now looks now more fresh with the typical dutch orange. The background has got 15 different tiles with elements of the cities of Tampere, Turku, Rovaniemi, Lahti, Oulu, Helsinki and some Dutch and […]

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Major update Consensio website

The website of Consensio has had a major update, so the main one-page WordPress design has also sever sub-pages for further events.

Please have a look at the result:

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New website Polvilumpio

Together with Mainostoimisto Laine we created a new website for Polvilumpio. I have made Mikko’s design in a nice working WorsPress website with a lot of space.

Please have a look at: for the result.


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